FD 2017 1637


Tap is a classic style of dance which is a fun, upbeat and intricate. It focuses on rhythm, syncopation and precision.

Classes Offered


Beginning Tap

Time: 5:30 Pm

Ages: 6-10 years

Teacher: Vanessa L.

Adult Tap

Time: 6:30 Pm

Teacher: Vanessa L.


Intro To Tap

Ages: 8-11

Time: 3:30 Pm

Teacher: Vanessa L.

(Please call ahead)

Teen Tap 1

Ages: 12+

Time: 6:30 Pm

Teacher: Allison H.


Pre Teen Tap

Disclaimer: Please Call Studio Before Arriving To Studio

Time: 4:30 Pm

Ages: 8+ years

Teacher: Allison