Tuition Rates

1 hour a week = $60/month
2 hour a week = $100/month
3 hour a week = $132 /month
4 hour a week= $152/month
5 hours a week = $170/month
6 hours a week = $192/month
7 hours a week = $203/month
8 hours a week = $224/month
9 hours a week = $234/month

Sibling/Parent Discount is available. The student with the highest tuition rate pays the regular rate, and a 10% discount applies to all additional dancers.

Tuition is due from the 1st through the 5th

General Information

  • Classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is less than four students, and schedule is subject to change,
  • All fees are per participant/child
  • A recital fee must be paid and costumes purchased for those students participating in the annual dance recital
  • A late fee of $10 will be due for all tuition received after the 5th of the month
  • Annual registration fee of $25 per student or $40 per family